Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chicken Parmesan-ish

I make pretty good food.

1 Chicken breast, sliced into strips (more if you're cooking for more than 2 people)
Marinara sauce
Strong cheese, sliced. Tonight I used smoked gouda, but I've also used mozzarella and provolone before. Neither of those two are really strong enough for tasting, but I don't think I'll use gouda again. If you have enough grated parmesan, use that. Or romano.

Coat a small frying pan with non-stick spray. Place the chicken in the pan, pour the sauce over it, and place cheese slices over the top. Put a lid on the pan, and cook on medium heat for ten or fifteen minutes. The cheese will get bubbly, the sauce will thin, and it will be yummy. But before you remove the chicken from the pan, I'd advise slicing into it just to make sure it's done.

I served this over a bed of angel hair. It was pretty tasty.

The boring stuff:
Difficulty: 3.
Serves two people for every one breast you use (Tim and I like small portions).
Shouldn't take more than about a half hour to cook. Longer if you're making pasta. My water usually takes about 15 minutes to boil.

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