Monday, June 10, 2013

Pages and Chapters and Books, Oh My!

I got my book list for grad school today!  Five classes, ten titles, and should come in at under $300 for the lot.  Thank you, self, for choosing to pursue a master's degree in the humanities!  I work at a college bookstore right now (but only for the next five weeks!), and it's not uncommon for our undergraduates to spend $500 or more on textbooks in a semester.  Students in the sciences can spend $800+ easily, and students in the College of Business will spend $1500 or more, per semester, for four years, without breaking a sweat.  Our university also offers a lot of graduate degrees in the health professions (OT, PT, psychology, optometry, etc), and those students usually spend about $1000 for their first semester, and then decreasing amounts after that.  Textbooks are expensive, y'all!

BUT, the most expensive book on my list for the fall is $55.00.  This is going to be a cake walk.  And I can order them all through my work now, get my sweet employee discount, and start reading them before I even leave the state!  Anything I can do to give myself a running start, man.  

Grad school.  Happening in 76 days, y'all!

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