Saturday, June 29, 2013

What She Wore: June 2013 Weekend Edition

We are so close to moving, so that trash bag will be gone very soon!  Hooray!  Three outfits in this post--Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Dress: JC Penney (2005)
Cardigan: Maurices (2012) 
Watch: Vintage, belonged to my mother

It was HOT on Friday, which means there was no way in heck I was wearing pants to work.  This is my favorite dress, so I busted it out of the closet and threw it on.  It fits me so well, even eight years after I bought it, and it's so effortless and breezy.  I bought this to wear to my ex-boyfriend's high school graduation, all the way back in June 2005. He dumped me in July, and I met my husband in August (two days after I'd worn this dress to my cousin's wedding)! I love this dress desperately, and I think it's just a little bit lucky. 

Necklace: ModCloth
Shirt: Maurices
Capris: Maurices (2012)
Shoes: Maurices (May still be available in some stores)

I picked this outfit for the end-of-year swim team BBQ at Alec & Amber's house.  It was super sunny and warm, and I felt like coral pants would be a good way to pay homage to the sun!

Shirt: Maurices
Shoes: ModCloth

  This is my go-to lazy Sunday outfit: Skinny jeans, denim shirt, and comfy shoes.  (In the winter, I swap my wedges for boots.)  Easy, cute, and so comfortable!  Great for a day of grocery-shopping, baking, house-cleaning, and lounging.

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