Sunday, September 1, 2013

Remembering How to Make Friends, Part 2

So, classes start tomorrow (for those folks with classes on Monday--I don't have class until Tuesday afternoon), and I'm really looking forward to getting things underway.  I've been working toward this moment for about eighteen months now, and I'm sick and tired of the anticipation.  I'm 85% unpacked and settled in my apartment (waiting on my desk to be delivered next week, and for Tim to get a couple things out of storage so that I can have room to put some things in there), my backpack is packed, my lunchbox is standing ready, my books are organized by class, and I remembered (at just about the last second) to buy notebooks and binders and folders, because I will probably need those things.

I dithered back and forth about going up to spend the weekend with Tim, but in the end decided to pass in favor of staying here and doing laundry (which I totally have not done yet), doing homework (for classes that haven't started yet!), and not having to deal with the stress of negotiating beltway traffic on Labor Day weekend.

So, one of the MFA girls is having shindig at her place tonight, and I believe I'm going to force myself to go.  When I first received the invitation, I was unequivocally not going to go. Firstly, I don't much care to be coming home after dark.  Secondly, I don't much care for hanging out with strangers; I find the pressure to make conversation to be highly stressful.

But, I need to make friends.  I'm already planning on spending very little time in this place, so I feel like I need to take advantage of the opportunities to be social as they arise.  I'm a nice person, I really am, but my determination to put my marriage first can have the unintended side effect of making me appear anti-social, stand-offish, and reclusive, which in turn only serves to isolate me.

So.  Here I go, putting on my big-girl pants, to go forth and try to make friends.  

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