Sunday, September 8, 2013

Want to Hear Something Awesome?

Want to hear something awesome?

I only have class three days a week--Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  But for those three days, I have four classes, and since it's grad school, I have anywhere from five hundred to a thousand pages of reading every week, plus occasional writing assignments.  (My class schedule is rad, but that's not the awesome part.)

Even with Tim being here this weekend, I'm on track to finish with ALL the work I need to have done by NEXT Sunday, the 15th, by this evening (that's the awesome part!). I have one play left to read, plus 100 pages of the driest textbook ever written (which will be painful and awful, and will take the most time of every other assignment I've had so far).

Managing my time like a boss!  I'm going to give myself a pass for tomorrow and catch up on cleaning, laundry, Harry Potter, etc, but I'm hopeful that I can give myself a head start on reading for the week of the 16th, and that maybe, just maybe, I can stay afloat and be prepared and get smart.  Hooray!

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