Saturday, June 21, 2008

Marlboro Man's Second Favorite Sandwich

I gotta say, this was a lot more delicious than I expected it to be. Not that I thought it would be not delicious, because it combines three of my favorite foods (chicken, bacon, and cheese), but I was still a little surprised. (Check out the original recipe @

Anyway, you'll need chicken breasts, cheese, peppered bacon, buns, rolls, or bread, and lemon pepper seasoning. If you don't have lemon pepper seasoning, you'll need salt, pepper, and one lemon.

Slice your package of bacon in half. (The bacon holds its shape better and supposedly cooks faster. I think it takes the same amount of time to cook, but I like my bacon extra crispy, not chewy.)

Start cooking your bacon, and as it gets done remove it to paper towels to drain.

Drain the fat from your pan.

Season your chicken. If you're not using the seasoning, coat it with salt and pepper, and then squeeze half a lemon over the top.

Start cooking the chicken in the pan for about four minutes, until the edges of the chicken turn white. Then turn the chicken over and season the other side.

Arrange your bacon over the top of each breast.

And then put your choice of cheese on top. Cover the pan and let it finish cooking.

When it smells amazing and the cheese is totally melted, it's ready.

Remove it to your bun and enjoy. I had mine with a little mayo, Tim took his with mustard. Next time I think I'll have mine on a salad though. It makes for an intense sandwich.

The boring stuff:
Serves as many as you need it to, provided you have enough bacon, chicken, and cheese.
Difficulty: 3.
Takes about forty-five minutes, depending on how quick your bacon cooks.

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