Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thesis, by the numbers

I defended my thesis on Monday, and passed.  Without revisions.  Which means I'm only the second student in program history to achieve such a distinction.  And also means I'm done with my thesis and have the option to never ever ever look at it ever again ever (but actually means that I'm just going to take a week off before I start revising for publication).  Huzzah!

My thesis, by the numbers:

Words: 43,951
Citations: 227
Total Pages: 139
Pages of argumentative writing: 67
Footnotes: 55
Shakespeare plays quoted: 8 (and a half, if you count Cibber's Richard III)
Images: 8
Appendices: 7
Drafts: 6 (three more than strictly necessary)
Abstract attempts: 5
Chapters: 3
Titles: 1

Like a boss.

I don't know what happens now, but at least I've finished on a high note.

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