Monday, May 23, 2016

So yesterday I graduated with my second master's degree in as many years. I have lots of thoughts and feelings to discuss at another time, but I wanted to share these four photos.  I'm 30, and the past year has been incredibly difficult—but it's also been incredibly rewarding, and so full of joy.

And one of the best parts of being 30 has been the unyielding self-confidence I've found. I feel so good about my brain and my body. I am smart and fabulous and beautiful, and I fucking know it.

I am also hilarious. And my best friend is adorable. (She's also wearing my dress. And she looks super cute in it.)

This is a girl with blue hair, who has had the best three years of her life, who just got her second master's degree, who loves the girl who took this picture, and who is WORKING that dress and those heels.  This is a girl who is going to start working on her PhD in August.  This is a girl on fire.

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