Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I've learned a great deal this year about the power of asking for what you want in life. I'm not generally one who asks for things for herself. I want plenty of things, sure, but my modus operandi is to work hard and just hope that those things I want are given to me. 

But in March, I asked for a thing I wanted--to be the research assistant to the head of the program. And I got it. And that was a strange experience. 

And then in October, I asked to be the TA for my favorite class/professor in the spring. And I got that, too. 

And I asked to be admitted to the third year of my program. And they let me in. 

And I asked for an increase in my merit funding. And I got it. 

And then I submitted a paper to a conference. And I was accepted. And I was thrilled, and also baffled. 

It can't really be this easy, can it? To just ask for what I want, and then get it? I mean, it's probably backed by my quality of work and my committment to doing things well, correctly, and on time. Right?

I want two more things before the academic year is out: I want to pass my defense without revisions, and I want to win the award for outstanding thesis. Let's see what happens come April. 

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