Friday, August 1, 2014

Thesis Post-its

I'm circling ever closer to an argument for my thesis, which is encouraging.  I think I'll be able to start writing soon.

Even though I have a full three and a half weeks before I head back to Staunton for the new school year, I'm nothing if not ahead of schedule, always (at the beginning of July, I emailed one of my professors to ask if he thought I'd be able to miss a class at the END OF NOVEMBER to attend a workshop in Des Moines.  He emailed back, slightly incredulous at the amount of warning I was giving him, to let me know that yeah, with four months' notice, he thought we could probably make that work), and so I'm cleaning up and organizing all my things to get ready for the move back to Virginia.  I cleaned out my post-it note graveyard (for three months I've been shoving discarded post-its into the corner of my desk rather than recycle them, because Tim keeps his recycling not conveniently placed next to the desk), and thought I'd share some of the better ones here.

"on actors and the art of acting, 1875 (GHL?)"  This was a book I was trying to track down back in May.  It was not helpful.

"vitiate sententious gallimaufry paucity paean vagacity bowdlerize autochthonus ephemeral inimical"  No idea.  Not a list of words I don't know, because I do know most of these.  Possibly just a list of really great words.

"Macbeth as morality play?"  Still an idea I'm mulling over.  I'm pretty sure this will feature in the body of my paper somewhere.

"Julius Caesar?"  Friends? Romans? Countrymen?  I come not to praise Caesar, but to write his name cryptically on a discarded post-it note.

"Title: the place of early modern drama on the Civil War stages of Richmond"  This is not my title.  This is not even my project.

"Shkspr's virtues extolled.  Find this!!"  I provide this without comment.

Finally, to reinforce my point about being crazy ahead of schedule at all times, I just received an email from my department admin reminding us all that today is the first thesis deadline, and that she needs the names of our committee members from us by the end of the day.  To quote: "I already have Jess Hamlet's.  Everybody else, please make sure to email me by 5pm."  Too right she already has mine.  I emailed them to her in the middle of May.  BAM!  

(Also, I totally have the best committee members.  The.  Best.  Best, as in "coolest," but also best as in "smartest, wisest, most qualified.")

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