Sunday, June 15, 2014


Observations on spending a weekend in Oregon after living on the east coast for a year:

1. I am officially an east coast driver.  I have enough Oregon in me (and always will) to still use my turn signal and not cut people off, but I was zipping down 26 at 80 mph, changing lanes like a boss, and generally being a highly defensive driver.  Partly good, partly bad.  (Yes, I slowed down as soon as I realized how fast I was going.  But 60 feels so slow!)

2.  Oregon is my home, and there is nowhere I'd rather be.  I'll take the cold June and the wet summers and the allergies over Virginia's humidity any day.

3.  Burgerville is delicious and life-affirming.

4.  Evergreen trees are the only kind of trees worth having.

5.  Rain in June is correct.

6.  Trying to coordinate things from 3000 miles away and on a three-hour delay is hard.  

7.  Friends are great.

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