Friday, May 9, 2014


First, another true gem I found while researching my thesis:

From the Southern Literary Messenger, March 1864: "A fracas took place at a fashionable restaurant in Paris, owing to a well-known dramatic author abusing the beefsteaks of the proprietor, who retorted that they were not so detestable as the pieces of his customer." 

Second, I think I learned an important lesson this week: if you want something, ask for it, because you just might get it.  I rarely ask for things I want in life, because I don't want to seem greedy or demanding or self-important or etc.  I prefer to work hard, do a good job, and hope someone offers me the thing I want.  I think this (enormous) part of my personality stems from my childhood--putting Mom's needs first was so important that I never learned to assert myself.  I mean, shoot, I won't even ask for extra butter for my bread at a restaurant.

But a month or so ago, I asked the director of my program if I could be his research assistant for next year.  And on Wednesday, we finalized the details and made it official.  I wanted it, I asked for it, and I got it.  It feels incredible, and bizarre.  How is it possible that getting what I wanted was that easy?

So look out, world.  I also want the Andrew Gurr Award for Outstanding Thesis, and I want to get into the MFA portion of the program, and I want to go to a great school for my PhD, and I want a really good scholarship for my doctorate work, and I want my thesis to get published, and I want to present papers at conferences over the next couple years.  These are the things I want.  And I'm going to get them.

And I also want my friend Ellen to go to SAA next year (in Vancouver!) because I'll probably be there in my research assistant capacity, and we can be friends in Real Life!

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