Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five-iversary musings.

April 5th is our five-iversary, of which I'm incredibly proud.  People always say that marriage is hard, marriage takes a lot of work, but that's something that I just haven't found to be true.  (My theory on this is that if you do something (or someone) you love, you'll never work a day in your life (or marriage).)  This is not to say that our lives have been all sunshine and rainbows since the day we got married; far from it.  We've had some personal and professional challenges, but none of that affected our marriage or how we feel about each other.  Because why should it?

Shout out to the monumentally dear Ellen Margolis, who performed our wedding ceremony with grace, charm, wit, and aplomb, and who taught the class in which Tim and I met lo those many years ago, when I was only 19.  Dearest, darling Ellen, I cannot even begin to express how very lucky we feel to know you and your Noisies, and how very grateful we are that we continue to know and adore you with each passing year.  You, my dear, are just the bee's knees.

I feel exceptionally blessed that we still have deep and abiding friendships with all members of our wedding party, Tiffanie, Hilary, Sara, Nathan, Frank, and Natey (who is probably too old now to be called Natey, but he can just deal with it).

On this five-iversariest of all five-iversaries, I'm attending a conference on Shakespeare biography at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC (my house of worship).  I'm rubbing elbows with Stephen Greenblatt, and Margareta deGrazia, and Leonard Goldman, the editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (fascinating conference tidbits forthcoming, but I have to get through the end of the semester first).  And tonight, my beloved and I will eat pizza together, hold hands, and stare into each others eyes in such a way as to make strangers around us wish they had what we have.

And as always, we'll go waterfall-searching when the weather turns a little warmer.

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