Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What She Wore: May 2013

Please excuse the messy bathroom!  We're getting ready to move, so there's almost always a trash bag kicking around.

Blazer: Maurices (2011)
Ruffle tank: Maurices (2011)
Skirt & belt: ModCloth (2013) (Sold out!)
Tights: Maurices (2012)
Shoes: Payless (2003)

I love when the fashion blogs I read list where to get something, but what I usually take away from something is just how to style certain pieces.  If I see an outfit I like, I usually sub in comparable pieces from my wardrobe and try to replicate what they've got going on.  So that's what I'm going to try to do here--point you to where you can get pieces that are still in stock, or list something similar if it's a basic.  But in this outfit, I'm basically wearing a black blazer, a red top, black tights, and black pumps.  If you don't have those pieces in your wardrobe already, you should!  The only standout here is the polka-dot skirt, which I love. You could easily swap that out for something in your own wardrobe--maybe you have a black pencil skirt, or a skirt with smaller polka dots, or maybe you'd rock a red skirt with a white camisole under the blazer. Make it your own!

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