Monday, October 4, 2010


Obligatory Times Square tourist photo, after seeing Next to Normal. It's too bad you can't see how HOT we look!

It was really rainy. So rainy that I, an Oregonian, bought not one, but TWO umbrellas.

The Folio!

This, right here, is my holy book.

Haylie got in trouble for taking this picture of me. Sorry, Haylie! I was too overexcited to think that this is the kind of place where they generally don't want you taking pictures of 400-year-old papers and things.

Peacock room at the Freer Gallery at the Smithsonian. It's a crazy story--this guy (we'll call him Fred) gave the keys to his house to his artist friend (we'll call him Larry) before he went on vacation to Europe for two months and told him to go crazy. So Larry designed this "beautiful" dining room in blues and golds and very gaudy peacocks. Fred came home and was appalled, so he told Larry to fix it and went back to Europe for another couple of months.
But Larry was so proud of his work that he refused to change a thing. In fact, he started throwing dinner parties at Fred's house and inviting all his friends over so he could advertise what he was capable of creating. Fred came home again, and got reeeally mad.

I don't understand (or maybe Rachael said, and I forgot) why Fred didn't just hire somebody else to come in and fix it, but he didn't. Eventually, the room was auctioned off (yes, they auctioned a room), and this Freer guy bought it (apparently he was a fan of Larry's, and Larry's daughter asked him to buy it), and then it ended up at the Smithsonian.

Oh, and this burger was incredible. Bacon, BBQ sauce, onion's everything I ever asked my burgers to aspire to be.

New recipe coming soon!


Anonymous said...

love you, LOVE the photo of us! We rock, seriously though, rocking of the socks off!

haylie said...

Oh snap... the burger. P.S. Getting in trouble at the Folger was sooo worth it. It was great to see your face.