Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When I was in middle school, I had friends who would put Ranch dressing on everything. Seriously. They'd put it on pizza and burgers and chicken (which is more or less kind of normal), but also on bananas and fudgesicles. Ew.

I've got nothing against Ranch dressing, as long as it's being used properly. It's a salad dressing, so it belongs in the realm of vegetables. It's a stretch, but I think I'm also comfortable with it being used as dip for chips or on top of your baked potato (but there are better things to use for both).

And this brings me to my point: Ranch is not an all-purpose seasoning. It's not pepper. It's not garlic. Don't use it where it doesn't go. Get adventurous. Try new flavors. Use a dash of rosemary. A pinch of thyme. A ton of garlic. Create a sauce using white wine and butter. It's not that hard, and Ranch is definitely NOT that good. Branch out and try something new, for crying out loud!

I get a lot of my recipes from stumbling across the internet. For every one recipe I think I'd like to try, there are seven that don't quite meet my requirements. And in those seven, three have Ranch in the title. And that's why I'm particularly bent out of shape about Ranch this morning.

And hereth end my rant on Ranch.

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something like a soul said...

You rock. I'm so glad somebody else agrees with me about ranch.